We are a company that provides end to end solutions from sales, support to implementation services. We are a leading ICT vendor that provides cutting edge technology and a comprehensive portfolio.

Xeon Technologies was formed in 2016 and through strategic partnerships and market placement, we are growing from strength to strength.


Our product portfolio covers a wide range of ICT products and we aim to deliver exactly what your business requires. We cover the entire spectrum from servers, desktops, notebooks, storage solutions, peripherals, network cabling and CCTV surveillance. We have partnered with Lenovo, Dell and HP to be able to give you the best computing solution to your business at the most affordable prices. We have experts to install, configure and support your entire ICT infrastructure and ensure that your systems are running 24*7*365. The experts have attained the highest certification level and have the competence and experience for the tasks involved in implementation and support.


Xeon Technologies knows that a responsive network infrastructure is integral to your company’s ability to share information and communicate with clients and employees. When instituted effectively, a responsive network can be an invaluable asset to your business. The optimal network and telecommunications systems can control your costs, reduce risks and function more efficiently. Xeon believes that both large and small businesses must devote proper attention to the formulation and development of these vital resources to achieve optimal results. Xeon is well equipped to help you plan, implement, optimize, manage and maintain your network infrastructure ‐ regardless of its size or complexity. We work with industry leaders to deliver proven, flexible, and reliable solutions.


Xeon Technologies provides you with cost‐effective network video solutions that are easy to use and offer all the functionality and reliability needed to protect staff and assets, verify the bank’s transactions and prevent time being wasted on attending to false alarms. Our products allow you to use your existing network infrastructure to deploy unlimited number of cameras, making for short implementation time and low startup costs. Once up and running, the administration of a network video system is both simpler and less labor intensive than traditional CCTV since images are stored on computer hard discs, and employees do not have to change and take care of videotapes. We have partnered with Access Control solution providers to help you secure your premises as well as take account of your employees attendance.

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